Welcome to an educational DVD on foot care as given by nurses.  It is designed to emulate a day with an experienced, certified nurse who tends approximately 200 sets of feet each month.  I invite you to come, look over my shoulder and view my technique using state-of-the-art drills, fantastic burrs from E.R.N. Co., double-ended nippers, and files.  Check how I set up my clinics and execute home visits with little fuss.  Check out the equipment and supplies I use and my interaction with clients.  I think you will find gems in this DVD that will be helpful in your practice.

My name is Karen Johnson.  I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1975, a Registered Nurse since 1994; a foot care nurse since 2003 and a CFCN or nationally Certified Foot Care Nurse since 2007.  I’ve had 350 to 400 clients for the last 3 years.  I have seven clinic sites.  And I stay from 1 to 5 days per site.  I also do several days of home visits each month. 

I started my business while still working for a hospital in March of 2004.  Though I modeled my clinics from the hospital’s set up I wanted to see how other nurses delivered care.  I also found it necessary to find ways to get continuing education specific to my area of interest.  Foot care workshops became the catalyst in my professional growth.  They gave me a greater awareness of how much there is to know, provided intellectual knowledge, and created a desire and training to get my certification. 

As beneficial as these workshops have been, they did not allow opportunities to observe my peers actually doing care and no time to discuss their rationale for techniques or choice of instruments.  It’s difficult to demonstrate care to more than one or two interested nurses at a time!



When I was learning the basics, it was most helpful for me to have a mentor.  Learning in a hospital setting gave me access to a nurse who had been doing foot care for eight years.  She demonstrated how to use the equipment, encouraged me when I felt awkward or incompetent, and was available when I was faced with an unusual problem.  That was a great way to learn.  This DVD is my way to mentor you.

As other foot care nurses interacted with me and I met with them on their turf, I looked at their business style, instrument choices, and observed their technique.  All of these connections were beneficial.  I also learned that there was a vast difference in knowledge, equipment, technique, and depth of work.  All RN foot care is not equal.  We need to continue our education by going to foot care, diabetes and cardiovascular workshops on a regular basis.  Then other health care professionals will know we are competent and be more willing to give us their referrals.

I once traveled to the San Francisco area (an 8 hour drive) to observe a very experienced nurse for 2 days.  She was great, I learned a lot, and she gave me a copy of many of her forms.  The problem was I couldn’t watch her again when I was ready for more growth.  I only learned what I was ready for and could absorb at that time.

Because of the time and expense involved in getting together with other foot care nurses and the belief that we learn best from watching others skilled at their trade, I have made this DVD with the hope that it will help you.

The great advantage with a DVD is that you can watch it whenever you want and as long as you are still learning from it, it will be of value.  Also, the forms, handouts, and business tools are printable so you can put them to use now.  Please refine everything to meet your needs and the specific nurse practice acts for your area.

The DVD is divided into chapters to make finding your specific area of interest fast and simple.

My goal is that you will feel more comfortable, supported, encouraged, empowered, and ready to reach out and meet the foot care needs of your community.  Remember that we are always growing.  It would NOT be advisable to attempt the degree of reduction or debridement seen in this video without the appropriate instruments and technical expertise.  Start very cautiously, attempting more depth only when comfortable with your skills.  Minor wounds will happen on occasion.  Never attempt to hide a break in the skin, but inform your patient and with their permission treat the wound.  Give verbal and written information on how they are to follow up with home care and when to seek medical assistance.

The wonderful thing about being in business for yourself is that you choose when, where, and how.  You choose the instruments, equipment and education forms that fit your needs.  I have loved this freedom but find that I can still get into a rut, which I tell myself is a groove.

When I decided to make this DVD, Denise, the owner of E.R.N. Co., sent me a few burrs I hadn’t tried and WOW!  I can now do even deeper, cleaner, faster work.  There are still several of her burrs I have yet to try so my journey continues.

Remember, there are many ways of delivering care.  This is one specialist’s style and technique with the basic paperwork to help you get started.